Saturday, 16 February 2013

Adopto-Speak Dictionary

I am not taking credit for this so will simply post the link and sums it all up for me.  Obviously the link will need to be copied and pasted into your browser.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I'm doing a good job ....

.... again of infuriating my favourite person on Y!A.  For a while I had a rest from the personal attacks but this person is back with a vengeance with the attacks.

This time it is on this question;_ylt=AhkJfchg1BuLFa1bBgpOWKghBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20130211152510AAmJdL1

"Edit. Pip. I would have thought you would agree with me on wha Candy Corn thinks of birth mothers. Calling them selfish, l, etc. Now I know your story is just that. A story. I would think you would be highly offended at her thinking of you as selfisg and lazy."

I never actually made a comment about Candy Corn's answer.  My favourite oerson would never be able to get a job as a mind reader as he /she can't read anybody's mind.  Candy Corn didn't ask the question and I can't remember what 'her' answer was as it's been removed.

I don't believe mothers who raise their children are lazy and selfish nor do I think mothers who surrender are selfish and lazy.  Some mothers may be lazy and selfish but it's wrong to think all mothers are like that.

My favourite person  has a vivid imagination who believes anybody who doesn't buy into the whole adoption is perfect package os a liar, a troll or both.

"That tells me you most likely never birthed a child and were forced/coerced into adoption. I really don't care if you report me."

So really I never really went through pregnancy and I have a vivid imagination on how coercion works.  In that case I have imaginary stretch marks, an imaginary birth certificate and imaginary adoption paperwork.  I also con people into people into believing me by showing them the imaginary birth certificate and the imaginary paperwork.  Of course then there are the photographs of my imaginary son and articles about my imaginary reunion.  Oh and not forgetting the imaginary interviews on television and on radio.  My, my I have been a very busy little troll who should be sent back to Troll Land  

"I'm sorry you actually agree with someone that thinks of birthmothers like that. Are you and Candy Corn the same person?"

Of course I am as I have a split personality and really trip myself up by offering different views on mothers who surrender.  Wish I had the time let alone the stupidity to do such a thing. 

"And your bullying tactics, as ineffective as they are, are also quite reportable. Your bullying doesn't work on me, so you may as well stop trying. You have a hell of a lot of growing up to do. Bullying is childish and immature."

If bullying tactics are telling the truth, telling of the dark side of adoption, giving suggestions on to tap into resources is bullying then I will continue to bully.  If bullying is telling of my own experience and telling someone of the potential negative emotions they may feel I will continue to be a bully.   If my bullying is reportable why isn't anybody reporting me?  Why hasn't my account been suspended yet?

"Marnie has bever bullied anyone on gere. But you have. Many times. Bullies deserve to get ignored, blocked, and reported. Especually those who consider birthmothers as selfish and lazy."

Marnie actually violated Y!A TOS by calling people trolls and bullies and had every right to point this out.  MFP is obsessed with thinking I am a bully.  If I agreed with MFP  and didn't mention any negatives to adoption then I would have a new best friend.  I am not going to start lying by saying adoption is the next best thing to sliced bread.

"Why didn't you get offended and threaten to report Candy Corn's question? Hm? Is it because you and she are the same person?"

I wasn't  offended by Candy Corn'Question but nor did I agree with her either.  Again I wish I had more time for leisure but I don't and I would rather be busy doing voluntary work in the community as it is rewarding.  Just getting a thank you off someone makes my day.
"You have no problem with anyone callibg ME a troll, but yet you'll back anyone who insults birthmothers to the hilt."

Just because I don't pull up others for calling MFP a troll doesn't mean I think they are right.  I don't pull them up because they have good reasons for thinking MFP is a troll.  MFP claims relatives go on Y!A and who I am to say this is a lie.  There are / were similar accounts on Y!A so it is little wonder that people think MFP is a troll.  I have never backed up anybody who insults mothers who have surrendered.  Why would I when I am a mother who surrendered.

"Hm.  We all know you never birthed a child and never was firced/coerced inti adopting, so you may as well give that story up. If your story was true, you'd be highly offended at being called an abandoner. Or you'd be highly offended at birth mothers being called abandoners."

Why 'my best friend' thinks everybody believes that I haven't had a child is beyond me particularly when she /he is the only person who doesn't believe me.  If I was a liar I would have got bored a long time again nor would have agreed to be in the public eye.  Just because I don't say I am offended at being called an abandoner or mothers being called abandoners doesn't make me a liar.  I don't offence as adoptees have a legitimate reason for thinking their mothers /mothers who have surrendered are abandoners.  I don't have the right to tell them not to just because they are giving an honest thought.  I would rather hear honesty.

"I'm going to say one other thing. You will not bully me into not using the term birth mother. Or even the word mother. You said the word mother is offensive in anotherquestion, yet you call yourself a mother."

I don't try and bully anybody into not using the term birth mother.  I simply say I don't like the term or it's an offensive term for a mother who has surrendered or another comment on that line.  Just because there are people who aren't offended by the term doesn't mean I should be forced to use the term.

"You also only throw temper tantrums when I say birth mother. Not when ANYONE else says it. Your behavior tells everyone your story is a complete lie. Report me all you want. Tattletales don't get taken seriously by YA, anyway."

I must suffer with selective memory as I don't throw temper tantrums just because he / she uses the term.  If I say anything it's usually to state that just because he /she thinks it's an acceptable term doesn't mean everybody has to feel the same way.  Well if my behaviour tells everybody I am a liar it says lot about 'my favourite person'.  Strange how this is the only person who regularly accuses me of being a liar yet claims everybody thinks I'm a liar.

"You know, you claim to be a mother, but out of the two of us, I am the only one offended at birth mothers being called selfish, lazy, abandoners, etc. Interesting. Makes me, and everyone else know that your story is a lie."

As I have never said I'm not offended by mothers being called abandoners doesn't mean I'm not offended or that I am offended.  I just choose not to respect how adoptees feel.  Would still love to know what gives this person the right to call me a liar and speak for everybody else.  

"The reason you get called all that stuff is because people have you all figured out. Since you are SO set on EVERYONE following the rules on here, don't reply to anything I, or anyone else, responds to in questions. To reply to what I, or anyone else says, when someone answers a question, is a violation of tos. As is bullying."

Shame this person doesn't follow their own advice and leave everybody else alone.  Every time I am accused or somebody else is accused of being something we're not then I will stick up for myself and them.  

For what it's worth this is my answer:
@Sammy ~ I am reporting you for calling Candy a troll and will keep on reporting you every time you call people trolls.

@ Marnie ~ No they aren't bullies or trolls, if they are what does that make you? Encouraging mothers to surrendering is far worse especially when the person knows what it's like to surrendering.

Because they don't know the circumstances and they haven't been in that situation. I have been called all sorts of things in my time here. I was coerced into surrendering and yet I have been subjected to things like:

- I am a liar and really chose adoption
- I am bitter
- Angry
- Blame everybody for my mistakes /choices
- The adoption couldn't have happened without my permission / my signature.
- I have even been called a troll / have multiple accounts all because one person hates me that much that she seems to want to discredit me and the truth of what happened to me.

I've had even worse than that and incidently if I had raised my son I could have done that without finnacial help as I had a job. I keep telling people the truth because there is a dark side to adoption and people have a right to be educated on coerced adoption.

@ Sammy ~ if I hadn't already reported you I would have now. You have yet again proved my point that you think I am a troll, having multiple a/cs and being a liar. Fortunately people see you for what you are and just because you believe birth mother isn't offensive doesn't make you right and me wrong. By the way are you male or female because I thought you were female based on some of your answers but others have referred to you as a 'he'.