Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Is it me who is wrong about my views on adoption ....

.... in general or is it other people not accepting I have valid points?
It's been getting on for two years since I have suffered a vendetta from someone who appears to hate me with a vengeance.  I'm not bothered that she doesn't like my views on adoption as it would be a boring world if everybody agreed with each other.  What I do have a problem with is people behaving as if they know me better than I know myself.
The latest attacker is being particularly nasty and I am getting to the point of trying not to sink deep into depression and to see the funny side of it.  For what it's worth I do believe that this person has gone through a terrible time of it with her parents.  However that isn't a reason to take it out on me and she needs to have counselling to help her move on.
 Up until recently this person was asking questions which were button pushing to get reactions.  One of the favourites is to attack those she classes as 'anti adoption no matter what'.  The last question she asked was a dig at me and others who have similar views.  The question got deleted but I will quote from it;
"Do anti adoption people ever read stories like this one in the news?
I did read the article and it is incredibly sad and the mother will have to live with what she did for the rest of her life - she killed her children.  It is very likely that post natal depression (post partum depression) played a part as to why she did it as her children were aged 2 years and younger.
"It just horrifies me to realize that if that "mom" had been on the internet asking about giving her babies up for adoption, the fanatical whack jobs on this site (ahem, Pip) who tell every single person that "You are the best parent for your baby", would have told this psycho "mom" the exact same thing." 
Well that's a new one even for me to be called a fanatical whack job.  She doesn't know how people like me would have answered if this mom had posted a question.  Nor can she assume how the mother would have asked the question.  With limited information if a mother had posted that she had three young and was finding it hard to cope I would possibly have suggested she went to her doctor.  I don't know for certain how I would have answered the question if the mother had asked for help / advice.
"I guess my question is, are these people evil, deluded or do they just not give a crap about children at all?" 
I know for a fact that I am not evil or deluded and I have always said the child's needs / best interests should come first.  I have always said if a mother is a threat to her child / children the child / children should be removed for their own safety.  This person obviously just reads the parts of my answers she disagrees with.  I have got bored with telling her that I have posted that abused children should be removed from their abusers.
"Go ahead and try to justify your psychosis, I really don't care."
It's amazing that she can diagnose me suffering with psychosis based on my answers.  She doesn't know me in real life and as far as I know she isn't a doctor.  I have never denied I suffer with depression but I have seen enough doctors to know I simply suffer with severe depression brought on by my life experiences / adoption.   

"The fact remains, that you tell every single person WHO YOU DON"T KNOW A THING ABOUT that "You are the best parent for your child".  You must have a full time job of investigating each and every one of these people's lives to feel that you are qualified to make that statement.  From my sporadic visits to this section of YA (since you know, I have a real life), I have realized that you spend pretty much your whole life here, have no friends in real life, and project your own experience onto everyone else."
I don't but there is no getting through to her.  I would also like to know how she works out I nothing better to do than investigate other people.  Even if I was that nosy I couldn't because there isn't enough information to start doing that. It would also be very interesting to know why she believes I spend all my life on Y!A.  It says more about her being obsessed with my activity therefore she is the one who can't have a life.
So I don't have any friends either and had a jaw dropping moment at that one.  It must be a figment of my imagination that I do see friends regularly and do voluntary work with these friends.  
I do use my experience when appropriate for the simple reason that I can answer questions based on this.  She should be more concerned about people answering adoption related questions without relevant experience.
After that question being asked by her she decided to answer a question I had and used it as a soapbox to also insult me.  Her answer hasn't been deleted yet and am wondering how nasty a person has to be before their answer is removed. Again I'm not quoting all that she wrote.
"Hey, I'm Pip and I'm a stupid selfish narcissistic b***h who projects my own experience onto everyone else."
As far as I'm concerned this says more about her than me as she doesn't know me and refuses to believe the truth as to why my son was adopted.  I would be interested for her to explain why she believes I am a stupid, selfish narcissistic b***h who projects my experience onto everyone else.  I am wondering if she realizes what narcissism means.  I may not agree with infant adoption and I went through a terrible experience which I wouldn't want anyone else to go through.  It doesn't give her the right to decide I am a stupid, selfish narcissist b***h.  There certainly isn't anything stupid or selfish about warning an expectant mother that there is a dark side to adoption.  She is misguided to encourage an expectant mother to go ahead with adoption without a balancing it out.
A mother could surrender her child and be 100% fine about it ~ nobody can guarantee this.
A mother could be fine about surrendering and have bad days ~ this is more realistic and does happen.
A mother could have more bad days than good ones ~  this also happens.
A mother can regret surrendering once the reality sinks in ~ this also happens.
Encouraging adoption without pointing out the negatives such as open adoption can be closed is naive and misguided.           
"Since I regret giving up my son for adoption, that means EVERYONE else will too. You should try parenting first even though you know you are not ready, and then once the kid is good and screwed up, dump him or her in foster care where there are already half a million screwed up children because of people like me who think that everyone who gives birth should be a parent."
She knows I have repeatedly posted that my son was illegally taken from me, I never verbally agreed to him being adopted or sign anything.  How can I regret a choice I didn't make in the first place? 
I have never said all parents must raise their children.  What I have said is mothers who want to parent and are capable of being good parents should be supported in their choice.  I believe parents who are a real risk to their children should have their children removed.  Some people need to learn to read my posts properly.
That just about says it all.  Just because she can insult me by calling me a psycho doesn't make her right.   
"Pip, are you seriously suggesting that she "try" parenting on for size?"
She has appeared to completely taken my suggestion out of context.  When I suggest an expectant mother tries parenting first as it's natural for her to feel that she isn't ready if it;s her first baby.  What first time parent can honestly say they are completely ready and comfortable with being a parent.  Even with planned pregnancy parents generally have their fears. She is also not taking into account mothers bond with their babies during pregnancy.  During pregnancy and even after giving birth their hormones are generally all over the place.  Of course I understand that not all mothers bond with their babies before or after birth.  I also understand that there are mothers who shouldn't have children.  The point is a mother considering adoption decides to try parenting is just as likely to decide she will keep her baby.  There are mothers who choose adoption but decide to parent after the birth of their babies as well.
"Are you really that stupid?"
I'm not as I base my suggestions on real education of mothers who have gone through this.  It's a shame she hasn't educated herself.
"Do you know how incredibly traumatic it is for a child to become attached to a caregiver over a period of time and then be transferred to another?"
Yes I do.  From personal experience I went through pregnancy and giving birth but I didn't parent.  However my son bonded with me during pregnancy so he was traumatised through being taken away from me at birth even though I didn't parent.  Again I have educated myself.  
A mother doesn't have to parent her baby for it to have a traumatic effect on the baby as the damage is done when the baby leaves the only parent he or she has known for nine months.  It was also the 'done thing' for many years for young mothers to go to maternity homes and earn their keep by working.  They were then expected to look after their babies for 6 weeks and then have to give their babies to adopters.  Not only was it traumatic for the babies it was traumatic for their mothers.  There have been articles on this subject of young mothers being forced to surrender their babies.  This person needs to do real education.  
With older children who go into care because of abuse it easier to understand how they are traumatised.  With babies it's not that simple.  
"Do you know how much brain/neuron development takes place in the first year of life and how much damage can be done in that time?"
Of course I do, I'm an intelligent life form and find it sad that this person thinks it's okay to insult my intelligence.  I didn't learn this at school I learned it in the school of hard knocks.  In other words real life has taught me this.  School education is good but real life also teaches us the real emotions of these facts.   
"Why don't you try taking a Child and Adolescent Development class because you are either A: Incredibly ignorant"
I don't need to take a course like that as I have learned through real experience therefore I'm not ignorant. I have got to know damaged children who have parents that don't have great parenting skills.  I also know people who grew up in care and the effect it had on them.  Unfortunately this includes relatives by marriage who have been bad parents.
"or B: Completely unconcerned with the well-being of the CHILD in question, in which case your son was lucky that he did not grow up with you."
I have never been unconcerned about the well being of children. I believe in encouraging mothers to be parents when they want to raise their child and can be a good mothers.  Children at real risk should be removed from their parents.  I have posted enough times that I believe any child who is at risk should be removed from their parents.  Shame this person doesn't read my posts properly!