Sunday, 6 May 2012

I hate being depressed

The rumours have continued and it is completely stressing me out.  We know where the rumours are starting from .... this person doesn't know when to keep their mouth shut or how potentially damaging the rumours are.  I know that the people telling us don't take these seriously but it doesn't stop my anxiety getting worse.  It's caused my rash to appear again on my arms and face again.  Fortunately I have plenty of cream left to deal with this.

I can't move on from being depressed nor can I deal with trying to make an appointment.  The surgery has a triage system which I don't have the patience for.  The last time I tried to make an appointment I got the usual call back and was asked if I felt I really needed an appointment.  This was after me saying I needed to see a doctor due to being depressed and being in pain with my ankle/  I am still suffering from breaking my ankle and physiotherapy didn't help either.  I responded not to bother with an appointment and I would suffer in silence.  She did start saying something about an appointment but I hung up as I was so frustrated.  My mood has steadily gone downhill ever since....

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