Friday, 25 October 2013

Been a while.....

The post months have been bad since March mainly because of depression / the depression forums we run and due to a neighbour from hell.  It frustrated so much that he was too cowardly to say anything to Rick yet took every opportunity to make my life hell.  Of course it all came to head with the police being involved and our housing association was very helpful.  Unfortunately they admitted it would take months to evict him and we couldn't take any more.  We were able to get moved quickly and our housing association were very supportive although we are renting from another one now.  Even with the stress of moving it went fairly smoothly as we only moved three miles.  We are quite happy where we are, we still get to see friends regularly and making new friends where we are.

Last year I joined up with posted a few times but wasn't really where I needed to be for reaching out for support.  I originally got support post reunion online for years, slowed it up as I was moving on although have appreciated the support I got when needed.  Now I am back in a place where I want some contact with people who understand.  It still feels a bit strange going onto a forum that is specifically adoption related but I feel I have something to give back.

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