Saturday, 1 September 2012

Sometimes .......

.....I am just happy to be alive.  It helps to get messages that simply make me laugh at the most unexpected times.  I am also very thankful for the members on the depression forums we run.  The members are all from different backgrounds, have different types of depression yet we are all 'there' for each other.  One member, in particular, has a horrific past and it's a miracle this person is still alive due to another person's action.  This member is so supportive and incredibly funny which makes it easy for everybody else to be supportive back.  It's times like this I appreciate what I have.  The members know about my story and accept me for whom I am.

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  1. Yes we as natural moms constitute a threat, to them who endorse adoption's status quo, because we have the power to invade their comfort zones and compel reform. Lawyers and judges know that if we natural mothers saw the records of our adopted-out kids we'd then see how they lie about us in these records and therefore would have legal cause to litigate. This to me is the biggest reason why lawyers and judges etc. push to keep these records concealed. They're panicked because some of these corrupt lawyers and judges etc. would lose the millions in money that they accrue from adoption. Corrupt lawyers like the one involved in my son's and my adoption-related situation David McConkie could even go to prison...because he's done so much wrong...which would be the case with more than one lawyer and/or judge.