Sunday, 30 December 2012

My wishes for 2013

- that expectant mothers aren't given coercive advice from adoption agencies. 
- that expectant mothers are given counselling it's non biased and adoption isn't mentioned.
- that expectant mothers are encouraged to parent by family and friends.
- that mothers who were coerced into surrendering are believed / not accused of lying
- that people accept that mothers do regret decisions without insulting them and telling them they deserve what they get.

I could go on and I may do in later posts but fir now I am keeping it simply.  I am also suffering being told that I should shut up about the dark side of adoption.  For far too long people have tried to beat me down over telling my story as it doesn't 'help adoption'.  I continually get told I am unhelpful, that I am rigid in my thoughts, I am a troll with multiple accounts on Yahoo, I am anti adoption, a liar and so on. My response is that it's good that I am upsetting people's view that adoption is wonderful.   I live in the real world and I talk about my experiences.  I have been educated by all sorts of people including adoptive parents.  I am also a mother who was coerced, I have seen the damage adoption has done to my son, I have family members who have adopted internationally, cousins who are the internationally cousins, I have friends whom I love even though they don't realize that have adopted, foster carers, adoptees and formerly fostered adults.  I haven't met a number of them and live in hope that I do

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